Pet Odor Removal

The best pet odor eliminators are one that has enzymes and bacteria. The microbes ferment the organic material, which eats it up fast. That leaves no smell behind! Enzymatic cleaners are proteins that can work on a wide range of stains and odors. They also leave very little residue or perfume after they do their job so there’s nothing left to attract dirt or dust mites. You can also use baking soda to eliminate the dog smell or any pet odor inside your home.

What are the most common sources of pet odors in your home?

Urine – Pet urine can seep into your carpet and backing, creating a foul odor that is difficult to remove. Even if the spot dries, it can leave lingering odors.

Pee-soaked dog bed – If your pet sleeps on its doggy bed and pees in there repeatedly, you’ll likely have an issue with the smell of ammonia. This is especially true for dogs that are potty trained but somehow still mistake their beds as toilets!

Dog food bowls – The leftover kibble from last night’s dinner has probably dried out by now, right? Wrong! It continues to attract moisture over time which only makes the bacteria breeding ground stronger. No one wants to eat or drink anything near where Fido eats so this will also lead to nearby areas smelling worse than they should too!

Feces – Even if you can’t smell it, feces left in a carpet for too long will start to emit a strong odor. This is the last thing your home needs when you have company coming over or are trying to sell!

Pet Hair – Dogs and cats shed. That’s just a fact of life! Be prepared to find little hairs in your carpet that don’t belong, no matter how frequently you air purifier, vacuum or sweep during shedding season.

Discoloration – Pets can also leave stains behind even if they’ve never had an accident before so be aware of this possibility when looking at homes with pets inside them too. Some discolorations are worse than others but it doesn’t mean the damage isn’t there because it is easier for some dog owners to clean up after their furry friends than others!

Tips for removing pet odors from different surfaces

Carpet – The best way to get rid of odors in your carpet is through steam clean. This will allow us to use hot water and agitation (the scrubbing motion) against the fibers which forces out all dirt, debris, urine crystals, bacteria & mold spores that are responsible for stinky smells!

Upholstery/Fabric Furniture – Sometimes odor problem can be found on upholstered furniture too so make sure to ask about this when you call us at Carpet Cleaner Kalamazoo. For these types of surfaces, we usually recommend something stronger than just plain regular detergent & warm water because it’s harder for any cleaning product to penetrate through layers of fabric without the aid of high-pressure equipment like what our stain removers have in their trucks.

Wood Floors – Pet odors on wood floors are a completely different story because we cannot use any type of water or moisture here! Instead, our team of pet cleaners will rely heavily on steam cleaning for removing your pet’s bad smells from hardwood flooring instead. We’ll also have to do some light scrubbing with special tools to get into the cracks and crevices where dirt/debris can accumulate over time too.

Tile & Laminate – If you have tile flooring then all bets are off when it comes to using water but this is not necessarily a problem since these types of surfaces clean up so well with just soap & agitation alone (which means no extra fees).

Why Choose Carpet Cleaner Kalamazoo as your Pet Odor Eliminator?

At Carpet Cleaner Kalamazoo, we are pet odor, removal professionals. We have the tools and expertise to get your home smelling fresh again! Our technicians will inspect the area in question before giving you a free estimate on how much it will cost to remove that bad smell once and for all.

Caring about our customers is one of our top priorities so if you ever need help with anything related to pet odors, dog hair, or stains please give us a call at +123-4567-890. Whether it’s water damage from an accident in your bathroom, mold & mildew caused by flooding after heavy rains, or smoke/odor restoration because of fire damage – we can take care of everything quickly while also making sure not to cause any further damage to your property while doing so!