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    Professional Kalamazoo Rug Cleaning Services

    Kalamazoo carpet cleaners are experienced experts who offer highly professional oriental rug cleaning services for all types of rugs. We can handle anything from common rugs to premium, rare and expensive rugs. We understand how valuable some rugs can be, and how reluctant their owners can be to entrust them to strangers. But we are professionals with a lot of expertise. Therefore, we will ensure that your rug retains its beauty and integrity even after a thorough clean-up. We have a modern rug cleaning facility to ensure you get the very best rug cleaning services.

    So, regardless of what kind of rug you own, you can always get in touch with us and we will clean it up for you. All rugs under our care are handled by highly experienced specialists. At Kalamazoo Carpet Cleaning, we can work with Persian rugs, handmade antique rugs, unique heirloom rugs, and even modern machine-made rugs.

    Kinds of Area Rugs We Service

    Our rug cleaning services cover the following types of rugs.

    • Antique Rugs
    • Silk Rugs
    • Oriental Rugs
    • Afghani Rugs
    • Indian Rugs
    • Moroccan Rugs
    • Persian Oriental Rugs
    • Turkish Rugs
    • Dhurrie Rugs
    • Pakistani Rugs

    When using our comprehensive rug cleaning services, you will keep your rugs looking their best at all times.

    Our Rug Cleaning Specialties

    Kalamazoo offers a wide range of rug cleaning services using proven cleaning protocols that will help clean, renew, restore, and even maintain the quality of your rug with regard to aesthetics and integrity.

    Our rug cleaning specialties include the following.

    Our Process – From Pickup, and Delivery

    Kalamazoo Carpet Cleaning offers free pickups and deliveries. Your oriental area rug will be picked up and taken to our cleaning facility when it’s convenient for you. As our expert visits your home for the rug, an assessment will be done with regard to its cleaning needs before it is carefully transported to our cleaning facility for cleaning. Afterward, it will be brought home safely.

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    The Rug Cleaning Process

    Basically, our goal is to remove dirt, dust, grime, soil and other substances from your rug’s fibers. This process goes down as follows.

    1. Preliminary Inspection

    To determine how dirty your rug is and to establish the presence of stains and any special cleaning needs your rug might require.

    2. Deep Dusting

    Done using automated dusting equipment to loosen and remove ground-in dirt and other debris.

    3. Pre-Treating and Pre-Cleaning

    Done using special spot-erasing treatment to prepare the rug for stain removal. Pre-cleaning of the heavily soiled areas is also done.

    4. Rug Cleaning and Agitation

    Done using hot water and a cleaning solution to dissolve the soil and loosen grime in preparation for their removal.

    5. Water and Soil Extraction

    Accomplished using powerful extractor that removes the dirt and water from the rug. Both sides of the rug are cleaned and the water ensures the rug dries faster.

    6. Grooming

    Conducted in a careful manner to restore the rug’s natural look when it’s dry.

    7. Climate-Controlled Drying

    Done in a drying chamber to remove any remaining moisture and ensure the rug dries in under a day.

    8. Final Inspection and then Delivery

    The rug is inspected to ensure the cleaning was done properly as per our high standards before it is wrapped and delivered to your home.

    What Can We Offer You?

    After making an appointment with us, our experts will pay your home a visit at the agreed time and see what kind of job you need done. With your consent, they will then get the rug ready for transportation to our advanced rug cleaning facility where it will be thoroughly cleaned using our proven process. After it’s dry, the rag will then be transported to you after careful packaging and reinstalled where it was found. You can also ask questions about the work we did during delivery.

    What we value the most is the satisfaction you get off our cleaning services. We take special care of your rug based on its uniqueness. So, call us today and we will clean up your rug for you so that it looks brand new.

    Custom Services and Guaranteed Satisfaction!

    As soon as you get in touch with us, we will work towards ensuring that you get the greatest amount of satisfaction from our services. Our process is very professional, right from picking up the rug, to cleaning it, to making final delivery after it has been cleaned.

    You can also pay for additional services such as rug repair, which is also an area of expertise for us.

    Finally, we offer a 7-day 100% satisfaction guarantee if you are not happy with our rug cleaning services.

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