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    Kalamazoo Curtains, Blinds and Drapes Cleaning

    Kalamazoo Carpet Cleaning provides high-quality cleaning services for your curtains, blinds, and drapes. We would like the cleanliness of your window treatments to be as that of the carpets we clean. Dirt and dust might be invisible in your home, and also quite easy to overlook. However, this dust settles over time and accumulates on the curtains and drapes and the outcome can include allergic reactions for the occupants as well as asthma attacks.

    Whenever you open and close the curtains, dust enters the house and those in it inhale it. Some of this dust settles on the curtains themselves, while some of it goes to the drapes and blinds. That is precisely why you should get in touch with Carpet Cleaners Kalamazoo so that you can have an easier time breathing in your home by having curtains, blinds, and drapes cleaned to get rid of the dust.

    Kalamazoo Carpet Cleaning Techniques for Curtain, Blinds and Drapes Cleaning

    High-Quality Professional Services

    We have professionals who are fully trained to offer curtain, blinds, and drapes cleaning. These experts will treat your home with the utmost respect. Kalamazoo Carpet Cleaning will do a very good cleaning job. Usually, we transport your blinds and drapes to our facility for cleaning and bring them back once we are done. We reinstall them as well, and you do not have to pay anything extra for this.

    Kinds of Window Coverings Do We Service

    We don’t just clean your curtains, drapes, and blinds, but we help to restore the vibrancy of your window shades, valances, shutters, blinds and other window treatments to give your home a fresh new look. We can also do repairs and alterations for your curtains, drapes and other window treatments. However, this comes at an additional charge.

    Our Curtains, Blinds, and Drapes Cleaning Skills

    We are very comfortable handling the cleaning needs of various kinds of fabrics. Kalamazoo Carpet Cleaning has experts who have experience in cleaning various kinds of window covering materials including velvet, silk, tapestry, brocade and so forth. Our highly experienced experts have special skills that ensure that window covering materials are cleaned properly. These materials include lace, sheer and semi-sheer curtain fabrics.

    With a lot of expertise, we process flocked, lined, unlined, upholstered and even plain window treatments. Our company also works with voile, organdy, jacquard, and other nylon, cotton, rayon and polyester material blends. So, be assured that whatever material you need us to clean, we are up to the challenge.

    We are seasoned experts in this field, and we can guarantee high-quality services every time.


    Your curtains do not have to be a health hazard for you and your family by carrying dust, allergens, and even germs. Additionally, with our cleaning services, you can restore the unique look your window treatments had when you first got them. We understand how important these décor pieces are, which is why we are always extra careful when taking them off, cleaning them, and putting them back on.

    Therefore, call Kalamazoo Carpet Cleaning today for high-quality curtain, blinds, and drapes cleaning services.

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