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    High Quality Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

    As a commercial concern, image is everything. This is why commercial carpet cleaning is so important. It’s to demonstrate to your customers that you care and pay attention to important details. Clean carpeting can also earn you the respect of your customers and make the company seem more professional and trustworthy. The experts we have at Kalamazoo Carpet Cleaning can offer you this and more. We work extra hard to ensure that you get the best quality carpet cleaning services so that your business projects the right image.

    What Kinds of Commercial Concerns Do We Work With?

    Kalamazoo Carpet Cleaning offers its services to all sorts of commercial buildings and business establishments, regardless of size. For example, we service federal government buildings, museums, restaurants, art galleries, large hotels, department stores, and even embassies among other kinds of commercial buildings. While doing our job, we use the best quality and the latest equipment to guarantee the best results. Obviously, we like having a good reputation in the industry, which is why we make sure we do a thorough and professional job every time.

    What Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process Do We Use?

    First of all, we have a lot of experience in carpet cleaning and can be trusted to do a great job every time. Otherwise, we are very conversant with the use of various equipment and materials necessary to do commercial-quality carpet cleaning work. We start with a pre-inspection of the premises, which allows us to move any furniture out of the way and so forth. But our cleaning process involves the following steps.

    • Comprehensive vacuuming to get rid of loose soil and dirt and other materials on the carpets.
    • Spot-treatment and pre-spraying of high traffic areas in preparation for more detailed cleaning.
    • Agitating the carpets so that the cleaning solution penetrates the carpeting and loosens the dirt.
    • High-performance water extraction to rinse, condition and get rid of soil and excess water and detergent residue.
    • Spot-treatment after cleaning to get rid of any remaining spots, except, maybe, for permanent stains.
    • Spot-grooming the carpet to enhance drying and visual appeal.
    • Using a high-velocity air mover to speed-dry the carpeting.
    • Inspecting the carpeting after the cleaning to ensure satisfactory results.

    On top of this rigorous cleaning process, we also offer the following benefits to our customers

    • Guaranteed results
    • Discounts for new customers
    • Free estimates
    • Round the clock emergency services
    • Tailor-made services carpet cleaning services

    At Kalamazoo Carpet Cleaning, we take pride in providing high-quality customer services and being highly responsive to the needs of our customers. We also guarantee high-quality work and very affordable services.

    Every client is important to us, and are always available to resolve any queries that might arise in relation to our services. We are also strong believers in full customer satisfaction.

    So, get in touch with us today and we will handle your next commercial carpet cleaning. By choosing to use our high-quality and professional commercial carpet cleaning services, you will discover why Kalamazoo Carpet Cleaning is a top and respected commercial carpet cleaning service provider in the Kalamazoo area.

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