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    Area Rug Repair at Carpet Cleaner Kalamazoo

    Area rugs can contribute a lot to a room’s décor, and they are a great way to keep various parts of the house beautiful. That is why they are often found in living rooms, bedrooms, and in many other places around the house. In fact, area rugs are also used in commercial buildings, for instance, to make office spaces look more charming.

    Generally, area rugs get a lot of traffic, and pets often like lying and playing on them. Some of us use them as sitting mats. Therefore, these rugs have to take a lot of activity, which means they can grow dull over time, get dirty, become smelly, and carry with them a lot of dirt, allergens, and germs like fungus in addition to suffering from tear and wear. After all this assault, it might even seem reasonable to throw them away as opposed to cleaning them up. But beautiful area rugs are expensive, and cleaning them is the best option.

    Repairing Your Area Rugs

    That said, cleaning area rugs is never easy, and most people would rather not do this chore. That is where professionals like us come in. We are always happy to clean area rugs for our clients. We understand how important clean area rugs are, and we are very careful when cleaning them because we also understand how valuable these rugs can be.

    Kalamazoo Carpet Cleaning offers the best area rug cleaning and repair services you can find in this area. We have highly experienced professionals that will clean your area rug and help restore its natural beauty. Additionally, we are careful with the materials we use to ensure that we do not compromise the beauty and the quality of your area rug through the use of harsh chemicals.

    Our rug cleaning and repair services include the following.

    – Re-binding the sides
    – Patching holes
    – Managing moth damage
    – Re-weaving the rugs
    – Removal of pet stains and odors
    – Handling color bleeding
    – Antique rug cleaning and repair
    – Restoring rug corners
    – Repairing tears, rips, and slices
    – Removal of spots and stains
    – Handling water damage

    The Carpet Cleaner Kalamazoo Guarantee

    Kalamazoo Carpet Cleaning focuses on offering the very best rug repair services in the area. We are so confident in our high-quality rug cleaning and repair services that we believe you will have no reason to use any other rug cleaning service once you have given us a try.

    We are also very straightforward, and we will give you a quotation before we start working on your area rug. That said, our prices are very affordable, and we always to strive to give our customers the best value for their money.

    At the end of the process, we will give you a beautiful rug that is free from dirt, stains, spots, odor, tears, holes, rips and other things that might have compromised its beauty.

    To make the process especially easy on you, we also pick up the rug ourselves and bring it back once we are done. So, get in touch with us today and we will help restore the beauty your area rug once had.

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